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About Stephan CORIDON

Born in Paris, France, Stephan Coridon has established himself as a visionary coach, facilitator, and international speaker, influencing leadership across more than 25 countries within the EMEA zone. With a professional journey spanning over two decades, Stephan has designed and delivered leadership development and team coaching programs for major international organizations. His dynamic approach as a speaker at corporate conventions addresses critical themes of change and leadership, combining strategic consulting expertise with a hands-on understanding of operational teams.

Raised in Fort-de-France, the heart of the island of Martinique, Stephan’s diverse heritage encompasses Caribbean, African, and Indian roots. His childhood, enriched with the rustic experiences at his maternal grandmother’s home in the countryside, instilled in him an early appreciation for nature, agriculture, and the warmth of family. As the eldest of three siblings, he was shaped by the entrepreneurial spirit of his father and the disciplined care of his hospital practitioner mother. His academic path led him from a scientific baccalaureate to international business studies in France and the United Kingdom, where he embraced cultural diversity, forever altering his worldview.

Stephan’s career began in the English industrial sector, propelling him into roles in IT management, sales, marketing, and later, strategic consulting in France. A drive for independence led him to establish his first consultancy in France, focusing on commercial performance enhancement. Despite initial challenges and personal setbacks, Stephan’s resilience catalyzed a pivotal redirection in his career, leading to diverse professional experiences across Europe, Africa, and the Caribbean.

As a father of four, Stephan’s personal life is as rich and varied as his professional one. His commitment to Africa’s potential and challenges led to the founding of the Anansi Academy in 2018. This initiative unites African managers from Côte d’Ivoire and Cameroon, fostering a mentoring community dedicated to personal and professional growth. The academy’s programs promote personal leadership and Self-determination mindsets for Young African students.

In 2021, Stephan expanded his impact with the creation of ITHOS Consulting in Abidjan, a specialized firm aiding businesses and Leaders in Africa in leadership development and change management. His signature coaching methodology, “Beyond Success,” focuses on nurturing influential leaders who aspire to leave a lasting legacy within their communities.

The establishment of Coaching Ways Côte d’Ivoire in 2023 marks another milestone, launching the 1st West African school for Professional Coaching certified by the International Coaching Federation (ICF). This venture aims to build a robust community of skilled African professional coaches.

Though his roots trace back to a Christian Catholic upbringing, Stephan considers himself spiritual and humanistic, influenced by various cultures and spiritualities, including Ubuntu. This philosophy underpins his belief in community and shared humanity, serving as a spiritual, social, and economic foundation for his work in Africa.

Stephan Coridon continues to inspire, guide, and transform leaders, believing deeply in the power of diverse cultures and the shared human experience to redefine success and create meaningful legacies.

Strategic Retreats for international Organizations

Elevate your team’s strategy and cohesion with our Strategic Retreats. These carefully curated sessions are designed to realign goals, stimulate innovative thinking, and strengthen team bonds. Refresh perspectives and chart a clear path for future successes!

Building Next Generation Leaders

Nurture the human potential of Africa’s youth with our training programs dedicated to fostering personal leadership and self-determination. Designed with young students in mind, these courses aim to instill a profound sense of self-reliance and moral courage, empowering them to lead with empathy and integrity.

Pioneering Professional Coaching in West Africa

We are committed to setting the highest standards in coaching education, providing rigorous, world-class training that empowers aspiring coaches across the region.

Transforming Leadership in Africa

By nurturing a new generation of visionary leaders, we are committed to catalyzing sustainable development and transformative success across the continent. Join us in this endeavour to shape a brighter, more impactful future for Africa!


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